You have found me at Donna Nye .com . Hello and welcome to my Radio Station. Your thirst for subelty will be quenched by the beats of the Nye Sisters entwined by hypnotic synchronicity found only here on DONNA NYE RADIO. A smooth blend of hypnotic rhythms, (Pop Songs by Donna Nye) with a turn and twist into firey flaming fury of intensely hot rock & roll ( Rock songs written & performed by Donna & Sandy Nye).

Donna Nye – Guitars / Keyboards / Drum tracks / Vocals.
Sandy Nye – Bass Guitar / Vocals


Donna & Sandy Nye were born in a little village nestled in the hills & mountains of eastern pennsylvania. Their father, Donald Nye, a Dutch/German decendant from Lebanon, Pa layed his roots down in Schuylkill County Pa when he married Yugoslovian born Marie Harding whose ancestors decended out of Brooklyn New York and Schuylkill County Pa. Donna & Sandy Nye came into this world and their destiny unfolded through the persistance of their fathers wish and enthusiasm through many years of self teaching of musical instruments and handed down to his daughters by teaching Donna & Sandy musical instruments at a very early age. His desire for a future in music opened up the storybook of a family band that lasted throughout a musical lifetime…The Variety lV, Kings & Queens, Donna Nye Band, Donna Nye Acoustic, Donna Nye Electric, and Kings & Queens Acoustic.